Fashion Industry Broadcast TOP MODELS ‘It Girls’ Series Number 3 – Cara Delevingne

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It was the natural blonde hair, thick, sculpted eyebrows and vibrant blue eyes that earned this ‘It Girl’ a very smooth passage into the extravagant world of runway, VIP invite lists and movie castings.


Photo Credit: Marie Claire
Photo Credit: Marie Claire.


Cara Delevingne was born in London in 1992 to an upper-class family and first began modelling at the age of 10 – but began her career as an English fashion model at 17.

Delevingne’s first feature was an editorial shot alongside Lady Eloise Anson for Vogue Italia. Not long after, she signed with Storm Model Management after being spotted by the founder, Sarah Doukas, who also discovered ‘It Girl’ Kate Moss.

Delevingne’s signature features are her dramatic, bushy eyebrows and her moody-fierce facial expressions. Although these characteristics are her most distinctive, she also has a very well-known personality: she is charmingly unpredictable, quirky and whimsical, and this has cemented her position at the forefront of the modelling world, where it’s no longer just about ‘the look’, but what else can be brought to the table.

Photo Credit: Cara Delevingne Instagram
Photo Credit: Cara Delevingne Instagram.

Delevingne is obviously beautiful but what is most attractive about her is her wholesome demeanour that screams that modelling is not a way of life, but rather a way to make a living. Basically, she doesn’t embrace vanity.

Delevingne’s animated personality and talent have made her into an extremely versatile model that is more than capable of acclimatising from commercial modelling to high-fashion, and has proven to the fashion industry time and again that she is multifaceted – able to pose for magazine cover shots, advertisement campaigns, couture and contemporary labels.


Photo Credit: John Hardy
Photo Credit: John Hardy.


Delevingne’s career has gone from height to height since she was first discovered in 2009, with her unique flair on the catwalk and in front of the camera making her one of the most in-demand names in the industry. As it seems, modelling holds no challenge for Delevingne, as in just one modelling season, she featured in a total of 39 shows.

She was the most booked out model for the 2013 Spring/Summer season, walked the catwalk as a Victoria’s Secret model in 2012/2013 and has fronted numerous elite campaigns for huge fashion houses like Burberry, DKNY, Tom Ford, Fendi, Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel.

Delevingne has graced the covers of various magazines and has become the face of multiple successful brands including TAG Heuer, Burberry and Chanel. After her dominating season, British Vogue magazine referred to her as “the star face of Autumn/Winter 13”.

Delevingne has certainly made her mark within the industry with her eclectic presence resulting in many great accomplishments: winning Model of the Year 2012/2014 at the British Fashion Awards and the Elle Style Awards for Breakthrough Actress.

There is no doubt that Delevingne has the work ethic and the look to follow in Kate Moss’s hallowed footsteps with a long-term modelling career. In this sense, Moss and Delevingne are not that different; both possess an attitude of complete indifference to the industry, except that the latter’s is not drug-dependent.

Delevingne is the queen of expression, and is a well-established actress as well as a model, with singing talents to boot. She is extremely comfortable in front of the camera, so it comes as no surprise that she effortlessly transitioned into the world of acting early on her in her career.

Delevingne’s debut role was in the film Anna Katherine (2012), starring as Princess Sorokina, and her most recent role is as a lead character in the cinema-favourite Paper Towns, due for release in 2015.



Although she is a very distinguished model, Delevingne herself has stated that she has no desire to conquer it as a lifelong career: and her musical inclinations, which include playing the drums, guitar and singing, means that the road to her creative possibilities is not clear-cut.

Delevingne is not only a phenomenal model, but is also a cultural engine with her own tone of voice: ubiquitous and never boring. Delevingne was the first supermodel to understand the power of social media and properly enhance it, garnering a very dedicated fan following through her clever use of her online platforms. She tells us a daily story utilising the most popular media of the day and as a result, she has over 11 million followers on Instagram.

Her appeal is cross-generational as well as cross-gendered: she is fascinating to women in their forties as well as girls in their teens. Delevingne is a true path-breaker as she pushes past common conventions utilising her carefree disposition and passion.

She is constantly surrounded by an army of fans, embedded journalists and editors and keeps a great deal of famous company around her, including fellow supermodel and ‘It Girl’, Kendall Jenner, as well as Karlie Kloss. Amidst her accomplishments as a model, the divine Delevingne has maintained a very humble demeanour and stays refreshingly grounded, indifferent and relatable.

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