The Show Must Grohl On

Notoriously brilliant individual Dave Grohl suffered a show-stopping fall during a Foo Fighters concert in Sweden earlier this week. NME reports the singer miscalculated his footing and fell in to the space between the stage and the audience; brought to you by those aluminum barriers originally intended to keep the band safe. Thanks for trying though, event managers.


The incident justifiably paused the performance, while medical staff attended to Grohl. “I love you too,” he yelled back to a wave of support thrown on to him from the crowd.

“You have my promise that the Foo Fighters are going to come back and finish this show.

“I’m going to go to hospital, fix my leg, then I’m going to come back and we are going to play for you again.”


While Grohl was in hospital, the band played covers to entertain the crowd. Proving that he is a man of his word, he returned and played the remainder of the show sitting on a chair, his leg bandaged, and a paramedic by his side. Even though Grohl suffered a fracture to his distal fibula, it is now a fact that his commitment to his artistic responsibilities is unlikely to ever waver.


The full story of the Foo Fighters can be found in Fashion Industry Broadcast’s Masters of Music Volume 15 Rock: Masters of Rock.