‘Orange Is the New Black’ Star Has Punk-Rock Roots

There’s even more reason to love and praise Orange Is the New Black’s silent star. Norma (Annie Golden) was the lead singer of the 70’s punk rock band, The Shirts.

It was 1975 in New York when The Shirts came together to form their musical career. They were regulars at New York’s CBGB, often opening for popular bands with heavy followings such as the Talking Heads.

Before warming hearts on OITNB, golden had her moment in the solo spotlight, with her single “Hang Up the Phone” featuring on the Sixteen Candles soundtrack in 1984. Norma doesn’t verbalise much, so it’s difficult to imagine Golden making the slightest peep. Below is a video of Golden performing the hit on 1986 episode of Late Night With David Letterman.

There is a nod to Golden’s former career in the OITNB final episode of season one. Watch the video below to check out Norma belting out a tune, a rare sight for this character to be making even the slightest of noises.


The Shirts are still active today, and perform periodically around the East Coast of America.