The Grit of Grohl

After an extremely brief hiatus, The Foo Fighters are back on track with their tour, and ain’t no broken ankle gonna keep Dave Grohl down.


Dave Grohl On His Custom Throne, July 4th 2015
Dave Grohl On His Custom Throne, July 4th 2015

With his leg encased in a fluorescent purple cast, Grohl’s leg is propped up as he sits on a throne fit for a rock King, belting out his tunes and slamming on his guitar. Residing on his throne made out of guitar necks and an illuminated Foo Fighters logo, Grohl was definitely ready to rock.

The Foo Fighters were forced to cancel the rest of their European tour due to Grohl breaking his leg in Sweden last month after jumping (falling) offstage. Grohl was, however, like any American; completely dedicated to playing the Foo’s 4th of July 20th anniversary show in Washington DC.


Grohl told the story of the making of his throne to the DC crowd, reiterating that “Nothing is impossible”, with his very performance proving his affirmations.