The Evolution of Menswear

Menswear shifts according to past and present influences. By taking a look into the past we can see the potential future for men’s fashion. And thanks to Mode Studios, you can now watch the progression of 100 Years of Men’s Fashion over the space of three minutes.



From the creators of 100 Years of Women’s Fashion comes a look into the the men’s side of fashion. Mode Studios presents a three-minute clip detailing the evolution of men’s fashion from 1915 to the present day. The video celebrates the most popular trends in menswear, revealing both highlights and lowlights, classy three-piece suits and hipster chic.


Menswear has come a long way since 1915. The nineteenth century saw the end of Victorian influences, and the beginning of styles that flatter the male physique. There’s the double-breasted suit of the 1930s, the standard dress for all gentlemen, and the loose-collared ‘leisure suits’ from the 1970s. Contrast this with the buttoned up shirts and skinny jeans popular today. Time has seen clothing become more form-fitting and casual.


1945 fashion trend - Mode Studios
1945 fashion trend – Mode Studios


Fashion is influenced by tradition and history. Every designer has taken some inspiration from the past to create a new look for the present. With the rise of the digital age, there are more online start-up brands than ever before. Small brands are becoming popular again, fuelled by an online audience and access to a whole web of consumers. Who knows where men’s fashion will be in another hundred year’s time.