City and Colour Drops New Album Details and Releases Opening Track, “Woman.”

So far, 2015 has been one of the best years this decade for new music releases. We’ve seen new albums from Father John Misty to Marilyn Manson, Panda Bear to Kendrick Lamar – and everything in-between.


Joining the wave of artists emerging with new albums, Dallas Green has recently dropped new album details alongside a brand new track featured on the album, titled “Woman.”

The album is the follow up from 2013’s The Hurry and The Harm, and is set to be Green’s fifth studio album. “Woman” was released on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 radio show as part of Apple Music’s initiative to roll out exclusive content for its subscribers.

In the Facebook post, Dallas Green said:
“Over the last two years I’ve had the great pleasure of touring with an unbelievable group of musicians, who I can now safely call some of my best friends. If I Should Go Before You is the record I made with those friends.”
Green went on to comment that his music would not be restricted from any music streaming service – and he doesn’t mind if you illegally download it either.
“It’s not “exclusive” to anyone – Not to Tidal or Apple Music or Spotify or Rdio or anywhere in particular – but you can find it in all those places.” Green continued. “It’s a collection of 11 songs – the thoughts I had on my mind: a last ditch effort to find something better and leave well enough alone. You can steal it, stream it or even buy it! Just try to enjoy it. I know I do.”


The new track continues with Green’s shift from the softer acoustic sounds heard in earlier albums to drawing from wider alternative and punk rock influences. Green’s gently vulnerable voice and poetic lyricism sours over surreal synth and guitar soundscapes in the 9 minute track, grounded by laid back drop kicks.
“Woman, when the world has emptied, and the planet is covered in dust, I will stand beneath the silver moon rising, waiting to resurrect our love.”
For his fans, the shift from his 2005 record to The Hurry and The Harm has been a drastic change. However, in an interview with Rip It Up last year, Green stated that while his music has evolved through the years, his musical reference points have remained constant since his debut of City & Colour.
“I don’t know if they’ve changed dramatically, I’ve always listened to different styles of music. Even back when I was younger I wasn’t just set on punk rock or grunge, I always listened to different things and I think I still continue to do so. Whether that influenced my songwriting or not, I’m not too sure. I would assume that it does. But I rarely listen to a song and then think, ‘I need to write a song like this song’. I just listen to lots of different music and I think it just subconsciously seeps in and then I just play guitar and hope that they come out.”
The Canadian musician is a keen collaborator and has worked with a spectrum of artists, collaborating with Pink in 2014 for “You+Me.” Green was also a long time member of post-hardcore band Alexisonfire, producing five studio albums with the band from 2002 – 2010.
If I Should Go Before You is set to be released on Friday 9th October, available for pre-order from 10am this Friday.


Listen to the new track from the album, “Woman,” below.