Hot New Poster And Trailer For Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

Male lead Dylan O’Brien appears on the new promotional piece for the second instalment of the series which will also see a new trailer released.

scorch trials


It’s a very cool and apocalyptic new look. One certainly gets the feeling the plot will involve fire. For book readers and film buffs alike, every new titbit is exciting. As seen, the film is slated for a September 18 release and is coming off the highly successful first film The Maze Runner, which is currently rated ‘fresh’ on at 63%.

Based on the novel by James Dashner The Maze Runner saw a group of boys, and one girl, trapped in a glade with no memory. The only way out a giant maze that is only open during the day and deals out death to any that don’t make it out by nightfall. Turns out it was part was part of an experiment done by an organisation to test responses to a virus that wiped out the rest of the world. At the end of the film the ‘gladers’ seemingly escape. The experiment is announced a success and the scientists believe the survivors are ready for phase two. The maze was just the beginning.

The Scorch Trials see the group travel to a desolate landscape known as the Scorch as they try to find out more about WCKD, the people who were performing the horrifying experiments on them. Early indications for the sequel are good, although the trailer is slightly spoiler-ish. Game of Thrones fanatics will be delighted to see Aiden Gillen, a.k.a Petyr Baelish a.k.a ‘Littlefinger’, join the cast.

The trailer below will be superseded by a new version which is set to drop this coming Thursday, July 23 so keep an eye out.