Manolo Blahnik Unveils First Bag Collection

Manolo Blahnik - Vogue UK
Manolo Blahnik – Vogue UK


Turning his shoes into handbags, iconic designer Manolo Blahnik is set to launch a bold new collection of bejeweled bags.
Manolo Blahnik’s shoes are arguably some of the most desired fashion items today. The meticulously engineered shoes set them apart in the shoe business with their comfort and style. “I like to make things beautifully,” Blahnik told Vogue UK in a recent interview, and this holds true for his new collection of evening bags. “I love ornaments in my shoes so why not add these to the bags too? These bags are an extension of some of the shoe styles I really like as I wanted to keep the connection between the shoes and bags.”


“There is nothing more stunning than a feminine hand holding a geml-ike object.”


This will mark Blahnik’s first standalone bag collection, which already has Spring 2016 designs ready for the fall Fashion Week. Not one to disappoint, the Spanish designer has created a stunning accessory embellished with crystals and sparkly Swarovski buckles, available in yellows and pinks, squares and ovals, perfect for both everyday wear and formal evening events. The new range begins with a capsule collection of six shiny clutch bags which don’t stray from the famous Blahnik style. As Blahnik said, “There is nothing more stunning than a feminine hand holding a gem-like object.”



Priced between $2800 to $3150, the collection is predicted to follow the success of his shoes. The collection is set for release at the end of July. Before then, read all about Manolo Blahnik’s rise to success in Fashion Industry Broadcast’s Masters of Fashion: Volume 35.