Lingerie Takes a Turn in 2015

Fashion is not only about what is worn on the outside, but also the inner layers. Lingerie trends have shifted over the years in shapes, colours and materials – so let’s take a look at what’s popular today.


Free People Strappy Back Bra - Bicycle Boutique
Free People Strappy Back Bra – Bicycle Boutique

Layered Bras

Like layering long tops with short cardigans, layering lingerie is popular in fashion. A thick-strapped bra works well with a thin, sheer balconette top. This gives a nod to the 1925 look characterised by breathable fabrics that worked well with lightweight dresses. Similarly, sports bras are being converted into crop tops — create the layered look through teaming a sports bra with a sheer top or overalls! These trends reveal a move from less to more, giving lingerie a larger role in fashion.




Kim Kardashian wears a V-Neck Bodysuit - KCS Presse
Kim Kardashian wears a V-Neck Bodysuit – KCS Presse



Bodysuits are becoming the hottest lingerie fashion trend this year, with more styles being exhibited on the catwalk than ever before. First worn as everyday fashion in the 1970s, designers like Donna Karan popularised the bodysuit with layered looks that centred on the lingerie. These are being worn as alternative bodycon and tank tops, perfect when worn under a blazer. Bodysuits are easy to tuck into pants and provide added comfort and support.





Calvin Klein seamless boyshorts – Urban Outfitters
Calvin Klein seamless boyshorts – Urban Outfitters


Seamless Briefs

Comfortable, stylish and ideal for wearing under tight clothing, seamless briefs are all about versatility. It’s no secret that the seamless brief is overtaking G-strings in popularity. G-string sales have plummeted by over 17 percent since 2003, with more comfortable options being favoured in everyday wear. What’s best about the seamless brief is that it can be worn at anytime!







Babydoll slip by Agent Provocateur
Babydoll slip by Agent Provocateur


The 1920s saw the rise in slips as lingerie options with many available in either silk, nylon, cotton, tricot or rayon. The half-slip featured slits for easy walking, while the slip dress was more versatile in its design and worn as an outer garment. No matter the style or material, slips were destined to become popular outer wear. Worn as either a dress, or inner layer to a sheer dress, the slip is a vital piece in the 2015 summer wardrobe. They may not be as intricately decorated and lacy as past designs, but the understated look removes unnecessary details to create a more professional look.


Lingerie is no longer simply underwear — it can also complete a look and add a feeling of self-empowerment. The underwear-as-outerwear trend is rising in popularity thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham. Lingerie is becoming more and more adaptable, and now anybody can follow this new catwalk trend. Simply pair your bodysuit or sports bra with some jeans for a trendy and effortless look.


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