Karlie Kloss Killing The Screen Again

Karlie Kloss, Victoria’s Secret model and current Taylor Swift BBF is an epic model that has been walking Fashion Shows since 2005. She is a master of social media and has a colossal following of 2.8 million on Instagram. Being one of the most worshiped models of today must be tough… and Karlie has expanded her mediums’ to further reach her beloved fans by branching into the field of YouTube.

Karlie Kloss- Victoria's Secret
Karlie Kloss- Victoria’s Secret

Karlie has recently revealed news that she is hanging up her wings and venturing into other fields. She has noted that she is not done with modeling all together but wants to focus on her baking career and studies at the prestigious New York University. Karlie suggested in a trailer video she posted via instagram and on her YouTube channel “Klossy” that she wanted to try a reverse role to what she is used to, “I’ve spent the majority of my life behind the camera, but not my camera”.

It would be wrong to say that Karlie isn’t in her prime, being apart of the Taylor Swift “It” crowd after debuting in the music video “Bad Blood” which was just nominated for MTV’s Music Video Of The Year (and the best to win) and due to her loyal following on instagram and twitter. It is her playfulness and adorable persona that makes it hard not to fall for Karlie’s charm and makes one want to follow and be envious of her journey.

Karlie Kloss- Bad Blood
Karlie Kloss- Bad Blood

Karlie’s YouTube channel “Klossy” established on the 21st of July 2015 (12 days ago) and already has over 101 thousand subscribers and four posted videos, which combined, have over a million views. This sort of following does not come easy for anyone, and proves how much support, and “It” Girl status the model obtains. During 2013, Karlie was crowned “Best Model Social Media” at the Fashion Media Awards after they clearly saw the phenomenon she and her brand was becoming (after all it’s hard to not find a Victoria’s secret angel that isn’t worshiped).

The goal of this channel, Karlie explained, is to take her fans places they wouldn’t be able to normally go, like backstage during Fashion Week, the front row of a Fashion Show or maybe a Victoria’s Secret after party? What is for certain, is that her fans will be hanging onto anything that comes from Karlie’s social media sites and pages and get an insight into the model’s life, workplace and playground that they may have not seen before.

If you are as big a fan as we are follow Karlie Kloss’s YouTube channel ‘Klossy’!!