James Franco Will Attempt To Get The Better Of Bryan Cranston

Aaron Paul (Jesse) has already frustrated the hell out of Bryan Cranston (Walter) in Breaking Bad, now James Franco will try to do the same in ‘Why Him?’ A comedy that will pit Cranston and Franco against each other fighting for the affection of Cranston’s daughter.

james franco proper
James Franco

Both actors have signed onto the film, which is still in pre-production, that executives think could become a holiday classic. Set at Christmas time, Bryan Cranston goes to visit his daughter who is at college only to find she has a really annoying technological whizz James Franco as a boyfriend. Hilarity is then meant to ensue as both butt heads for female attention. So far no announcement has been made on who the female lead will be.

Bryan Cranston Credit: nypost.com
Bryan Cranston Credit: nypost.com

Bryan Cranston has been a TV star for a long time, even before Breaking Bad became a worldwide phenomenon. Who could forget ‘Malcolm In The Middle’? He’s always been good when venturing into film including his roles in ‘Drive‘ and ‘Argo‘. It now looks like his foray’s will become more common, judging by his IMDb profile. Franco has a long line of comedic material behind him and the role should naturally be a piece of cake for him.

How will they gel together to create comedy though? Indications are that it could work. James Franco clearly has a knack for being smart, dumb, funny, and dedicated.

Bryan Cranston has a habit of losing his temper.

What could go wrong? Well, a lot but the reputation of these two men suggests it could be a fun watch. Comedies are often treated harshly just because they’re comedies. Franco and Cranston have the ability to make a comedy that is also a good movie regardless of genre.

Such is the popularity of both actors, the film studio could take us for a ride, knowing we’ll go and see the movie for Franco and Cranston. Director John Hamburg has good pedigree though, writing the screenplay for ‘Zoolander‘ as well as ‘Meet The Parents’ and ‘Meet The Fockers’ which were perfectly funny comedies.

What are your thoughts on this pairing, will it work?