Thakoon SS16 Takes on a Breezy Look

Thakoon takes a new direction in its New York Fashion Week Spring 2016 fashion show. The fashion house reveals new ready-to-wear pieces setting the trend in the market next year.

tailored blazer
Gianni Pucci /


Boho Chic is rising in the fashion world again, providing a new variation of silhouettes in fashion. The trend hasn’t completely taken over the season as it did in 2005, and this time styles are steering clear of the marabou feathers and slouchy look. Thanks to the Thakoon show in New York Fashion Week, the new Bohemian style opts for a different take on the trend.

In a whirl of floral patterns and pale blue, Bohemia is more a state of mind — a style that can be conveyed through soft pin stripe trousers or even a sequinned skirt. Both these designs surfaced in Thakoon Panichgul’s latest collection, revealing his new Bohemian feelings. Textile, texture and a mash-up of elements were the key focus of the collection, as we see the show open to blue tie-dye sportswear, and closing with chic dresses adorned with sequins. The designer named Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Grey as an inspiration for this collection, and this is certainly evident in the tailored blazers and lace-panelled turtlenecks.



The collection appeared somewhat incongruous to many. There were sleepwear-like clothes, including a light bathrobe and loose shirts and trousers. The lineup of fine-gauge knits and patchwork outwear gave artisanal touches to the collection. Evening wear also emerged in an elegant wave of chiffon dresses. Thakoon’s show was very much eclectic and bursting with spirit. The uncontrived Bohemian looks give us a hint of what to expect in fashion retail this spring.