Chim Chimney Chim Chim Cher-reboot

Mary Poppins will return to the big screen. Photo Credit: Disney.

If you haven’t heard already, Mary Poppins will get a new makeover. Yeap, the classic has joined the never-ending list of reboots which isn’t really surprising since it’s owned by Disney and plus the 1964 film is loosely based on only the first book of an eight book series. The remake will take place 20 years after the original film and we will see the children as young adults and explore something new but will still follow the original’s sequence of events.

The Telegraph speculates that if the remake would be closer to the books, the beloved and magical nanny Mary Poppins will be shown in a darker light: “snippy, eternally vain, sniffs a great deal and ‘never wasted time in being nice'” – not the bright and sing-songy one we’re familiar with.

A darker Mary Poppins this time? Photo Credit: Disney.
A darker Mary Poppins this time? Photo Credit: Disney.

While Chicago director Rob Marshall is attached to the project and a new soundtrack and screenplay are already in development, it’s to be announced who will star in the new Mary Poppins and whether Julie Andrews and co. might be involved. In my opinion, I hope the original cast will be part of it.