Top 10 ‘Like a Version’ Covers

In the vast array that is the world of cover songs, there are few that manage to reproduce the initial spark of the original, and even fewer that turn that spark into something different entirely. But these beauties do just that and more, adding their own unique flavour to these already great songs. 

Triple J’s weekly ‘Like a Version’ segment hosts a variety of Australian and international artists performing live covers. Here we count down the top 10 that are a MUST LISTEN in the cover genre game.

10. Do I Wanna Know?- CHVRCHES: Arctic Monkeys cover

CHVRCHES give the Arctic Monkeys hit ‘Do I Wanna Know’ a unique electro-pop twist, totally making this song their own with their signature heavy beats and synth.


 9. Read My Mind- Catfish and the Bottlemen: The Killers cover

This stripped back version of ‘Read My Mind’ by Catfish and the Bottlemen’s Van Mccann encapsulates the notion that sometimes simplicity is key. Van’s killer vocals and acoustic guitar make this cover brilliant, and with a sneaky bit of R Kelly’s Ignition in there what more could you want?


8. Lonley Boy- Matt Corby: Black keys cover

Another stripped down cover that takes simplicity and spices it up is Matt Corby’s rendition of ‘Lonely Boy’ by the Black Keys. Corby transforms this classic song into something entirely original, radiating emotion and pure talent with his powerful voice.


7. Praise You- The Belligerents: Fatboy Slim cover

The Belligerents funky cover of Fatboy Slim’s quintessential dance hit ‘Praise You’ is sure to get you up and dancing. Bringing their well known fuzz and layered sounds to the table, the 5 piece covers the song brilliantly.


6. (Lover) You Don’t Treat Me No Good- Chet Faker: Sonia Dada cover

Chet Faker brings in a choir of 10 bandmates to bust out a choral version of Sonia Dada’s renowned hit ‘(Lover) You Don’t Treat Me No Good’. With the catchy guitar riff starting the song out, Chet soon comes in and steals the show with his smooth vocals (and that luscious red beard).


5. Love Lockdown- Glass Animals: Kanye West cover

This seductive version of ‘Love Lockdown’ by Glass Animals encapsulates the essence of the cover song to the highest degree. You can’t get more two more different artists than Kanye West and Glass Animals, but they truly make the song their own, with the emphasis on the downbeat giving this song a quirky blues vibe.


4. Gooey- The Delta Riggs: Glass Animals cover

Returning the cover favour is Delta Riggs with this grungy cover of ‘Gooey’. Originally dreamlike and slowly seductive, Delta Riggs have reconstructed this song into a rock tune filled with thick bass, funky guitar rifs (inspired by Gwen Stefani and Eve’s ‘Let Me Blow Ya Mind’) and Elliott Hammond’s rough vocals.


3. My Number- RÜFÜS: Foals cover

The dance/ deep-house trio RÜFÜS bring their trademark layered beats to this cover of ‘My Number’. The cover takes on a deep spacey sound that is totally different to the upbeat indie original.

2. Rhiannon- Sticky Fingers: Fleetwood Mac cover

The ever so talented Sticky Fingers pay tribute to ‘Rhiannon’, adding new elements to the classic hit with reggae vibes, killer electric guitar and lead singer Dylan Frost’s sweet sweet vocals. Their cover of DMA’s ‘Delete‘ is equally as brilliant.

1. Prototype- Tame Impala: OutKast cover

This sweet tune encompasses all things that artists aim for when performing a cover- It’s peculiarly  different, captures the band’s unique sound and takes various elements from the original to convey something unfamiliar and new. This cover is spacey and dreamlike, with its slow funk and distorted sounds bringing new dimensions to the song.

With so many brilliant covers out there in the ‘Like a Version’ sphere it was hard to choose just 10, but these tunes are most certainly winners when it comes to the tricky assemble of the cover song.