Nicolas Cage States Desire To Work With Tarantino

While it may seem at first to be completely ridiculous when comparing the careers of both men, it could be wise to hold off on spitting your coffee as you burst out laughing.

Nicolas Cage has been in a lot of movies, I mean a lot. I’m talking Samuel L. Jackson regularity and to be honest a lot of them have been downright awful. He’s only in his fifties so we could be seeing a lot more. His latest endeavour ‘Pay The Ghost’ doesn’t look promising.

Some of them have been fantastic, like last year’s ‘Joe’ or ‘Bad Lieutenant’.

Even so, you wouldn’t say his acting range is massive. He’s good at manic, very good at manic. And rage. And deranged laughter. Overall very entertaining but not exactly Oscar worthy. The internet takes great pride in mocking the actor, he’s become the butt of countless memes and YouTube super cuts. Maybe he just wants to be taken seriously again, thus his public wish for a union with Quentin Tarantino who, while also popular with memes, can only be described as a very serious man when it comes to making good films. Tarantino’s upcoming ‘The Hateful Eight’ is guaranteed to outshine anything Cage does this year.

Cage and Tarantino are polar opposites when it comes to critical review. Cage has an average metacritic score of 47, while Tarantino sits at 63. Tarantino takes his time while Cage jumps at every script, good or atrocious, that comes his way. I know I’ve said this already but honestly, he’s been in 9 movies in 2 years! So it’s understandable it you’re sitting in disbelief at Nicolas Cage’s comments this week when he said in an interview with Newsweek:

“Quentin Tarantino and I, the two of us could really do something quite special. But I remain positive and hopeful that it will eventually happen.”

While there has been no response from Quentin yet, it might not be the zaniest thing ever. Tarantino has had some crazy characters in his films that Cage could bring incredible energy to.

Tarantino also has a habit of reigniting the careers of actors, most notably John Travolta in ‘Pulp Fiction’ , because he’s very particular with the performers he chooses and always gives them a role they are suited to. He’s also rarely had a film that’s flopped (good news for Nic).

Given Cage’s wacky, but dedicated performances, and Tarantino’s ability to craft characters it could be a match made in heaven that produces Cage’s best performance ever. Now that the question has been asked we’re all wondering why it hasn’t happened already.

We wait in trepidation for Quentin to respond.