ASOS, The Store Without A Storefront

ASOS, the store that isn’t so much a store, but an online marketplace spanning the globe with a catalogue of over 80,000 products. ASOS is changing the way we buy.

This little UK start-up company has now attracted international acclaim and is receiving reviews the world over from very reputable names in the industry.

“ASOS is Fashion and much more” – Cosmopolitan France.

With humble beginnings in only 2000, ASOS began to sell products online, in the emerging world of new media. However today ASOS sells its products to consumers worldwide with specific websites targeting Australia, USA, France, Germany, Spain, Russia, Italy, China and the UK where it was founded.
Despite ASOS’s international appeal, there are only a handful of bricks and Mortar stores worldwide. The majority of ASOS’s sales come from their online store, which is the largest independent, online fashion retailer in the United Kingdom.

The Key to the success of such an unsuspecting start-up is simple: ASOS appeals to everyone. From a North Face jacket retailing for $1003 AUD, to a pair of $3.50 striped ankle socks, ASOS is capable of hitting its target market regardless of the product. And the beauty of all this for ASOS… No floor space needed. With all items listed, categorised and itemised in ASOS’s easy to use database there is no need to rent a warehouse big enough to have its own post code. Because the whole store can be held in the palm of your hand and you can shop at 2:00 AM rugged up in bed sipping a hot cup of tea with your 5 cats.

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Quality garments, an array of stock and reasonable prices. ASOS boasts a huge range and a competitive price.


But it doesn’t stop there for the underdog turned goliath retailer. Indeed, ASOS has now begun branching out through social media and is creating extra content for its users, to develop an entire ASOS identity, with style guides, fashion tips, personalised emails with suggested items and the ASOS Marketplace (a pre loved marketplace for users to buy and sell, reminiscent of a Gumtree for trendy retro styled pieces).


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