Never Seen Timeless Portraits Of Marilyn Monroe

Eminent celebrity photographers Douglas Kirkland and Milton H Green are showcasing iconic photos of Marilyn Monroe in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” exhibition, from their series In Bed with Marlin and Ballerina Awaiting Her Cue at The Little Black Gallery in London.

These are never before seen candid shots of the once most photographed woman in the world. These evocative portraits  stray away from the ‘dumb blonde’ and have given her a completely new versatile persona which was never seen from Monroe.

Both Kirkland and Green have a special relationship with Monroe, which comes across each of their photographs. She appears to be with ease and comfort while staring into  their lenses.

The Little Black Gallery in London will exhibit this timeless collection of Marilyn Monroe, until the 27th Feb 2016.