Instaffair: the Young Woman Who Documented a Lucrative Relationship with Her Boss

Move over #fitspo: this girl’s ambitions stretch a little higher. In a world where ‘lifestyle’ blogs, channels and Instagram feeds are dominating social media, some people are baring all the intimate details of their lifestyle. Yes – while you’re posting pictures of your luxuriously healthy chia-mango smoothie, a young woman from Shanghai has been using Instagram to document an affair with her boss.


Instagram has been blocked in mainland China for several months, but that hasn’t deterred this young woman, called Molly on Instagram, from posting photographs and sharing accounts of her lucrative affair with her boss. She claims that the affair is strategic and that it’s resulted in a series of pay-raises and bonuses. She shows off glamorous outfits in high-end hotels, snaps from tropical vacations, mirror selfies, lavish dinners and champagne glasses.


Molly’s face is never visible in the pictures and her company is unknown. Molly had over eighteen thousand followers on Instagram, but that didn’t stop her from invoking the outrage of netizens when her story was featured in the Chinese media.


One of Molly’s photo captions read:

“I messed up at work today, now I’m going to be punished.”


Her Instagram bio said:

“I do stuff for my boss during the day; my boss does me at night.”


According to Molly, he boss gave her the OK to post about their affair on Instagram.

But after the Amalia Ulman Instagram hoax, I’m curious to know how much of Molly’s story is actually real. On social media we all have the ability to present a facade that may be close to or far from the truth. Sleeping with the boss to get to the top is a trope we’re all familiar with, and sometimes all it takes is a good cliché to draw people in.


Molly’s account has since been deactivated, so I guess we’ll never know.