Victoria’s Secret Models’ Oscar Nomination

Super models, futuristic apocalypse, insane dictator, civil war and vicious rigs. Of course, we are talking about Mad Max: Fury Road. The Australian film landed 10 Oscar nominations last month including best picture, with a super-model filled cast that shocked us all in the best way possible.

Mad Max took us on a brutal and extravagant adventure that gave us a look into what the future may hold. The apocalyptic film depicted the journey of the 5 beautiful wives of villain Immortan Joe whom are used to breed his spawn. Charlize Theron is the kick-ass one-armed protagonist who rescues the girls from their despised existence.

The most impressive part of the Oscar nominated film is that the cast consists almost entirely of aspiring actresses whom are extremely successful in the modeling world. This fact is huge, and breaks down endless stereotypes that are placed on ‘talent-less’ models. Not only are these beauties being recognised in the public eye as brilliant, but also by the prestigious American Academy Of Motion Picture.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the legendary Victoria’s Secret Model, switches her wings for a mutant baby bump and transforms into the level headed, favourite wife of her evil husband. Rosie pulls off a great performance and showed us her more solemn side with this dark character.

Abbey Lee Kershaw pulls off the role of a quirky, supernatural, spiritual being (that we all know she is) in the film, and keeps us guessing whether she is completely like the rest with her mysterious hisses and spells. She also keeps us laughing with her mischievous and much-loved character.

Riley Keough (grandchild of Elvis!) is the sweet character that gives hope within the chaotic ‘end of the world’. Her character holds great significance in the film, as she turns an animalistic creature into a sweet one, played by Nicholas Hoult.

Zoe Kravitz is transformed from style goddess to frustrated boyish adolescent when she embarks on the adventure with the team. Her surprising performance showed her ability, range and talent that shone as soon as she came on the screen. This role proved that she truly is a triple threat.

Courtney Eaton plays the only character that doubts the scheme and wants to go back to her old life, but it is clear that the desperation derives from fear. The young actress’ beauty is clear in the film and she too is climbing her way through the model rankings this year. Eaton will appear in the upcoming 140-million-dollar film “Gods of Egypt”.

Even the legendary Megan Gale made an appearance in the film and surprised us in the best way. We hope to see her powerful presence on the big screen again.

If you have not seen the film for yourself yet, watch the trailer below!