Tropfest 2016: Return Of The Festival

Tropfest returns this year to the delight of fans nationwide. After the announced cancellation of the festival last year due to a mismanagement of funds the ever growing Australian icon is back in full swing  just in time for Valentines day. 



The 2015/16 line up is a colourful assortment of Australia’s best and brightest. As aways showcasing the work of up and coming film makers including Angela McCormack and Rick Donald as well as veterans of the Australian industry. The event has secured it’s place as a rite of passage for aspiring film makers and actors alike. Hollywood big shots Joel and Nash Edgerton, Rebel Wilson and Sam Worthington all made their mark on the short film circuit, captivating audiences and setting the benchmark for future participants.

The festival is a unique way for film makers to gauge how their work is received. Those shortlisted are under the scrutiny of official judges as well as the predicted 150,000 person audience and those tuning in to the SBS delayed broadcast.


“You get a great testing ground to see whether your tone resonates with a large group of people. I will never forget our film getting a spontaneous eruption of laughter at the end, it’s such immediate feedback. Where else do you get that?” – Damon Gameau 2011 Tropfest Winner.

Tropfest’s revival benefits not only couples searching for cheap and romantic Valentines day plans but the reputation of the Australian film industry. Having grown from a 200 person cafe based event the short film festival has grown to be the largest of it’s kind worldwide and a cornerstone of Australian production exhibition.

Kicking off at 3pm on the 14th of Feb at Centennial Park, Tropfest 2016 reaffirms the idea of better late than never. Uniting local film makers, businesses and  audiences alike in a night of laughter, potential tears and the hope of good weather.

To get you in the mood here is the most recent festival winner. A hilarious reminder of the danger of dishonesty in the workplace and subtle plug for Australia’s favourite green apple.