Hear Him Raur: New Artist Raury Reshaping The Music Scene

Courtesy of Danielle Levitt for Teen Vogue
Photo courtesy of Danielle Levitt for Teen Vogue

Singer, songwriter, rapper, guitarist and producer Raury Tullis, or simply Raury, is the Georgia born nineteen-year-old musical prodigy that emerged seemingly out of nowhere with his EP “Indigo Child”, debuting in 2014. His rapid rise in the music industry jungle can be accredited to his tenacious pursuit of stardom with the hopes that he will leave a changing impression upon the world. And I don’t think that that dream is going to go unaccomplished…

The New York Times dubbed him a “…hip-hop-generation shaman…” in an article written after the release of his second album “All We Need” in October 2015. And it’s no wonder. Since surprising friends and not-so-distant future fans with the release of “Indigo Child” featuring “God’s Whisper”, “Cigarette Song” and more, at his eighteenth birthday party (better known as Raurfest), Raury continues his journey to fame at lightening speed.

His sound is definitely something fresh on the scene; folky-ballads backed by distorted instruments and layered with spoken word, rap and electronic effects are just some of the ways in which it could be described. With influences coming from a multitude of artists such as Bon Iver, Phil Collins and even Tupac, there’s no questioning how he developed such a dynamic and ethereal style. He doesn’t compromise on his vision, saying in an interview with Emily McDermott for Interview Magazine that he selects collaborators based on how strongly they feel about him, asking them the question, “Do they want to help me shake the world up?”

Working with the likes of SBTRKT, opening for Outkast at a show in Atlanta and even sharing his music personally with Kanye, this young man is someone who should be more than peaking your interests. Performing at venues across Australia this week for a stupid $40 per ticket, there are no excuses not to go and check him out. It may be the last time this prodigy is so ridiculously cheap to see. Don’t regret missing him.