Tropfest 2016 Winner Announced: ‘Shiny’

After the highly publicised cancellation and revival of the 2015 ‘Tropfest’ short film festival the event went ahead last night. Captivating the 90,000+ audience and home viewers.

The Centennial Park based event was packed with local movie buffs and celebrities alike. The judging panel included Mel Gibson, Rebecca Gibney, Simon Baker and other prestigious Australian film alumni, reaffirming the important role the event plays in the local and international film industry.

The main and most coveted award of the night went out to Los Angeles based film makers Daniel Cloud Campos & Spencer Susser for their stop motion animation ‘Shiny‘. The pair took home the iconic fruitbowl trophy as well as a prize including $10,000 cash, Nikon camera and accessories and a round trip to LA. (The latter potentially less exciting for LA based film makers) Campos appeared on stage via skype while Susser accepted the award on behalf of the pair.

The film is a comment on the materialistic nature of society. Shot on the floor of an apartment with the entire contents of the pair’s wardrobe and wardrobes of friends and colleagues. 
Natalie Bassingthwaighte took out the ‘Best Actress’ award. A victory well deserved but met without competition. The 2016 line-up has been criticised  for it’s lack of gender diversity. With only one female director in the finalists (Angela McCormick Tay Man) and male driven characters, judges and viewers alike have commented on the festival’s lack of inclusion. “Women were pretty grossly under-represented in the acting department tonight” said Simon Baker while presenting the award. ‘Gayby Baby’ director and 2016 judge  Maya Newell called for the 2017 line-up’s gender diversity, a statement that was met with extreme audience support.

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Festival founder John Polson is confident in the event’s future.Talking to AAP he stated:

“We’re working with a big advertiser which we’ll be announcing in the next week or two, they’re going to come in and help us rebuild the way the company works

CGU’s revival of the festival this year alongside the Pozible crowd-funding campaign gives hope to upcoming film makers and actors alike. “This is my baby, this is what I started and it’s incredibly important to me” – Polson.

To relive  your favourites moments of the night or prepare yourself for today’s water cooler conversation head over to the official Tropfest youtube page to see all of this year’s finalists.