Pharrell Williams Becomes Co-Owner of G-Star

Pharrell Williams has been named co-owner of the Dutch denim brand G-star Raw, adding yet another fashion company to his consistently growing portfolio of brands.

Williams has always been regarded as a fashion icon, being not only a musician, but also the founder of street wear brand ‘Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream’. The “denim enthusiast” has transformed the workman’s pant into a high-fashion staple. Pharrell’s company ‘Bionic Yarn’ had previously partnered with G-Star to create ‘RAW for the Oceans’, a sustainable denim line created using recycled ocean plastics. Williams’ focus on sustainable fashion and ability to challenge the status quo, promises a successful future for his position within G-Star Raw.

Pharrell Williams Co-Owner of G-Star
Pharrell Williams Co-Owner of G-Star. Photo Credit:

G-Star Chief Marketing Officer, Thecla Schaeffer says, “we wish to continue to innovate by allowing Pharrell to push the boundaries even further across all aspects of our business, from creating new product ideas and new visions on sustainability, to creating new brand experiences.” G-Star seems genuinely excited for this partnership, with hopes of reimagining the future of the brand.

Pharrell Twitter
Pharrell’s Twitter Announcement “On top of my business. As of today, proud to be a co-owner of @GStarRAW ” Photo Credit:

Labeled a “strategic partnership”, Pharrell Williams’ collaboration offers him the chance to build on what he believes will “be the definitive jeans brand of the 21st Century.” A PR stunt or legitimate collaboration of interests? Only time will tell.