Uniqlo Releases Newest Collection by Muslim Designer

Uniqlo is bringing its newest collection to American shores, featuring long dresses and hijab headscarves in vibrant colours and prints.

Uniqlo Hijab. Photo Credit: http://www.brit.co/uniqlo-hijab-collection/

Uniqlo partnered with Muslim designer Hana Tajima to produce a collection of essential items inspired by her own personal taste. In an attempt to change common misconceptions on modest fashion, Tajima gave Muslim women a “sense of being recognised” within the fashion industry.

Being their most inclusive range yet, Uniqlo has released their “Hana Tajima LifeWear” collection. The collection fuses modern and contemporary design with the traditional values of each garment, and features hijabs and headbands, as well as a number of modest pieces including blouses, long flowing skirts, and vibrant and colourful dresses. The range also benefits from Uniqlo’s AIRism technology, which is a highly breathable and quick-drying fabric, signature to the brand.

Like Uniqlo, a number of other fashion retailers are capitalising on this expanding market, producing clothing and footwear with Muslim consumers in mind. The Italian fashion house, Dolce & Gabbana, debuted its Abaya collection, aimed at their Muslim and Arab audiences. This effort to address the multitude of consumers is a refreshing perspective on the modern fashion industry.

The collection is not just intended for a Muslim consumer. The full range places an emphasis on simplicity and versatility, with the intention of being adopted by any particular style. Inspired by her Japanese heritage and UK upbringing, her contemporary designs are said to be “both culturally sensitive and extremely comfortable”.

Uniqlo x Hana Tajima Spring/Summer 2016. Photo Credit: www.racked.com


Tajima describes this collection as a movement, “Crossing from one culture to another, one idea of beauty to another, to find what it is that connects us.” In an attempt to design for all women and eliminate this visual distinction, she is able to explore realms of self-expression and other cultures.

Uniqlo x Hana Tajima Yuna Photo Credit: http://hanatajima.com/


Uniqlo will bring the collection to the United States and United Kingdom for the first time in stores and online on February 26.