Masters Of Photography Vol. 13 – Australians

Fashion Industry Broadcast has just completed one of its best-yet editions: ‘Masters of Photography Vol. 13 – Australians’. Showcasing fourteen top Australian photographers, the book stunningly displays some of their most striking images along with in-depth interviews and insights from the artists themselves. The exhibition and book launch are taking place in Sydney from February 25 to March 1.

Photograph featured at the exhibition - Credit: Justin Cooper
Photograph featured at the Masters of Photography Vol. 13 Exhibition – Credit: Justin Cooper

In the book, Fashion Industry Broadcast publisher Paul G Roberts explores the impact of the digital revolution upon the photography industry, discussing what it means to be considered truly talented in a world where everybody is a photographer. He writes,

“The advertising industry thrives on being able to turn heads and grab people’s attention in a split second, and in today’s grossly oversaturated over messaged mediascape they need more than just a sharp photo. They need that image to smack the viewer in the face and stay in their memory.”

Cover of Masters of Photography Vol. 13 - Australians - Cate Blanchett by Michele Aboud
Cover of Masters of Photography Vol. 13 – Australians – Cate Blanchett by Michele Aboud


Masters of Photography Vol. 13 – Australians not only curates the most refined fashion photographs by the 14 artists, it also addresses the set-backs a top-level photographer faces today. Digital technology has revolutionised the art of photography; everybody has access to good-quality cameras and editing software, so everyone is a part-time photographer.

What is the impact of this democratisation on fashion photographers? How do they keep it fresh in such a competitive environment? How much do they retouch their images? These are the thought-provoking questions Fashion Industry Broadcast asked renown artists like Henryk and Carlotta Moye. All 14 Australian photographers shared their experience and opinions on the revolution of the industry, and it’s really interesting to read their diverse ideas while browsing their romanticised artworks. Masters of Photography Vol. 13 – Australians is thus more than a beautiful photography book; it is also a good read.

Sneak peek at Masters of Photography Exhibition at M2 Gallery
Sneak peek at Masters of Photography Exhibition at M2 Gallery

“With the introduction of social media platforms like Instagram and the accessibility of camera equipment and post-production software, the photography industry has vastly evolved into a globally appreciated and celebrated art form. Although it introduces greater competition, I think these developments have only benefited professional photographers. With their experience, expertise and skill-set, they are now even more appreciated and internationally acknowledged. Photography got a grander scale and a much larger audience. As technology advances and new social media hardware become available, it will only further the success and celebration of professional photographers and photography as a form of expression and creativity.” – Jake Weisz – Extract from  Masters of Photography Vol. 13 Australians.

The 400-page book will be brought to life as a free photography exhibition at the M2 Gallery in Surry Hills, Sydney, from February 25 until March 1, 2016. Prints from the exhibition as well as the book are now available for purchase from the Fashion Industry Broadcast website. Place your orders to obtain some of the world’s most exquisite images by top Australian photographers in a beautifully crafted hard-cover book for your coffee table.

The art book features Michele Aboud, Justin Cooper, Sarah Fountain, Dakota Gordon, Nat Lanyon, Henryk, Toby Marosszeky, Diana Melfi, Mitchell McLennan, Tony Notaberardino, Carlotta Moye, Nicholas Samartis, Byron Spencer and Jake Weisz.