Who Will Be The New James Bond?

Everyone knows Daniel Craig for having been James Bond for the past decade, but now the renowned actor is stepping down. According to rumors Craig is set to star in a TV adaptation of Purity, a novel by Johnathan Franzen.


Negotiations for Craig are still early so we can only speculate as to what role he will play. The project will require a twenty episode commitment for several seasons which will leave Craig unable to fit in time for a new Bond film. Of course after Spectre, I won’t be bouncing on my feet for the next one. Craig himself is reported to have said he would rather ‘slash his wrists’ than film another Bond film. The difficulties brought on with the filming of Spectre apparently led to Craig developing an animosity toward the franchise.

Of course with Craig’s departure, this leaves the obvious question to be asked. Just who will be the next James Bond?

Idris Elba, the star of Luther and The Wire is reported to be a top fan favorite to take up the 007 throne. Elba’s contention in particular has sparked controversy over whether there will ever be a black Bond. Homeland and Wolf Hall star, Damian Lewis is also another favorite fans would like to see take up the mantle. Other replacements include Tom Hardy and Henry Cavill.

Of course at this stage, nothing has been confirmed. A sequel is set to be shot in the spring of 2016 but the identity of the man set to play this incarnation of Bond is a mystery.