Bloggers Replacing Celebrities In The Front Row

The rise of the blogger continues as they flood the front row at fashion shows, replacing celebrities in these elusive seats. 

Being requested to attend and sit in the front row of fashion shows can be compared to a ticket to the Oscars in the world of Fashion. It is a place reserved only for the most impressionable people in fashion. However these days, instead of the actresses, musicians and models that occupied these seats; the most talked about people at these shows are the bloggers.

Tommy Hilfiger is one designer embracing the change. In his fall 20016 NYFW show, he created an “Instapit”, filled with Instagram’s most elite and followed bloggers.

“Instagram is an amazing partner to the world of fashion, and for Fall 2016 we’ll leverage the platform’s incredible popularity in the industry with the first ever ‘Instapit’ at New York Fashion Week” – Tommy Hilfiger (observer)

Tommy Hilfiger and models at his Fall 2016 NYFW show. Photo:

Whilst some are equally as famous as the other celebrities, it is the bloggers who will decide the success of a new line. They are the ones posting instagrams, tweeting and writing about which brands rocked it and which did not. They have become the ones that designers need to wow in order to get enough publicity.

Australian bloggers; Tash Oakley, Margaret Zhang, Brook Testoni and Kate Waterhouse have designers knocking on their doors requesting them at their shows. Not only do they bring status to the shows, they’re also are critics that influence thousands of other people in regards to what they wear and how.

“Australian fashion bloggers have considerable influence with consumers and are now consistently being employed by premium luxury brands as they look for different ways to engage with their consumers, from a digital perspective.’’ (news)


Bloggers have helped to revolutionise the fashion industry, amassing hundreds of thousands of followers, they are icons in themselves. With fashion shows as much about who attends than the actual collections, bloggers are changing dynamics.

Whether this change is for the better or worse, one thing’s for sure is that the bloggers are here to stay along with their mass following.

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