Hungarian Photographer Creates Scratches on Her Photos

Hungarian photographer Bianka Schumann imagined a very particular series that carries a reflection on intimacy by creating scratches on her photos.

Bianka Schumann graduated from the University of Kaposvár with a BA in photography. She previously had her work featured in several group exhibitions and online publications.

Schumann started her personal series back in 2014 by creating scratches on her photos.
At the moment of developing the photos, she scratched the contact zones that characterised intimacy between the two protagonists.

She takes inspiration from the  Hungarian writer and philosopher Béla Hamvas.

She explains,

“This series doesn’t have an exact synopsis. It reflects on a quote from a Hungarian writer, philosopher Béla Hamvas.”





All Images © 2016 by Bianka Schumann

For more of her work, take a look at her website.