Emma Stone And Jonah Hill Teaming Up

They have not worked together since their 2007 breakout film Superbad directed by Judd Apatow. Emma Stone and Jonah Hill will be starring alongside each other in the American adaptation of the Norwegian TV series ‘Maniac’.


Set to be directed by Beasts of No Nation and True Detective director, Cary Fukunaga. Maniac is a darkly themed comedy that follows the life of a man who ignores the pressures of the real world by delving into a created fantasy world inside his mind where he is the hero. No confirmations of roles have been released but it can be believed that Hill will take on the role of ‘the maniac’ while Stone will either take on the role of the psychologist or another patient. Stone last worked on the Woody Allen film Irrational Man where she starred beside Joaquin Phoenix while Hill had a minor appearance in Hail Caesar directed by the Coen brothers.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount Television and Anonymous Content are busy shopping the series through Hollywood. The companies are hopeful they can achieve a two season run, a tall order in light of Hill’s and Stone’s commitments. Given the nature of the names behind the project, it should not be too difficult for the series to find a home on a streaming service like Netflix or a cable channel like HBO.

If you want a taste of what the series will bring, take a look at the trailer for the original Norwegian TV Series.