The Preatures’ Gideon Bensen On To Bigger and Better Things

It was a sad day for Preatures fans on Friday when guitarist and vocalist Gideon Bensen announced his departure from the band. Following the release of his solo EP, “Cold Cold Heart”, Bensen decided to move on in order to focus on his solo career.

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The Preatures made the announcement over Facebook, saying,

“It wasn’t an easy decision, but he has our love and full support to pursue his solo work and this exciting new chapter in his life. A band is a weird and magic family, and he leaves as our brother and our friend.”

Gideon Bensen. Photo Credit: Rolling Stone

Bensen included a paragraph in the post in which he said goodbye to his fans,

“To you guys – The Fans, night after night, I have enjoyed so much playing and singing for you all! The band shows no signs of slowing down… and for me this is not the end of my music making career, just a new beginning.”

The Preatures formed in 2010, as is comprised of Isabella Manfredi, Jack Moffitt, Thomas Champion and Luke Davison. The question now is whether the band will be on the hunt for a new guitarist/vocalist to replace Bensen, or will go on one man down.

In response to the support he has received, Bensen made a solo Facebook post thanking his fans and announcing the exciting news that new music is on the way,

“Thanks again for all the support! The band and I are so lucky to have such great fans! I’ll be on my way to the UK on Monday to begin working on new music!”