‘The Nice Guys’ Trailer Arrives With ‘Deadpool’ Marketing

Director Shane Black is no stranger to making good quirky buddy action comedies, having created a gem in Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. His upcoming 2016 film The Nice Guys sees Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe combine in what promises to be one of the most anticipated comedies of the year.

Source: liveforfilms.com
Source: liveforfilms.com

The two seemingly polar opposites must team up to rescue a damsel in distress and uncover a conspiracy in 1970’s Los Angeles. So far it looks like Crowe and Gosling have great chemistry on screen and the film looks like it will be a blast. The second official trailer arrived recently, check it out.


Ryan Gosling has always shown talent as a comedic actor despite being largely restricted to dramatic work, his performances in Crazy, Stupid, Love and more recently The Big Short are a testament to that.The off-beat brand of humour he employs here is already fun to watch and gels well with Russell Crowes dry wit and knockabout nature.

The film has also been marketing itself very heavily in recent weeks, with viral videos of stars Gosling and Crowe attending ‘couples therapy’ to sort out their alleged differences. Ryan Reynolds did extremely well with his ‘Deadpool’ clips which ranged from infomercials to satire, and ‘The Nice Guys’ is attempting something similar here with their viral videos. Are they as funny or successful? Probably not but they are solid enough and do add a sense of occasion to the film. The very fact they’re going to effort of putting this marketing push together will convince people the film is worth taking note of. ‘Deadpool’ well and truly lived up to its promise, becoming one of the funniest movies in recent memory. Let’s hope ‘The Nice Guys does the same. See the clips below.

The Nice Guys will hit cinemas in a matter of months and we can’t wait.