Chimera – Fashion & Movements

Director Steven Briand captures a fusion of styles as they unfold in a single movement. Choreographed by M.I.A. collaborator Cathy Ematchoua, Chimera is a myth-inspired sequence that brings dance & fashion together in a kaleidoscopic movement.

FIB loves when fashion, dance and music become one, so we always keep an eye out for exciting visual content. Director Steven Briand told NOWNESS his work was inspired by the mythological chimera,

“a fierce hybrid of a lion and a goat with a snake’s head for a tail.”

Not too sure what this creature is supposed to look like, but what we know is, his short video is stunningly hypnotising.

The sequence features graceful female dancers Aliashka Hilsum, Léonore Zurfluh, Hajiba Fahmy and Dalila Cortes. All four merge different movement styles through a kaleidoscopic single sequence choreaographed by M.I.A. collaborator Cathy Ematchoua. The boldness of their movements is emphasised by Phazz’s dramatic soundtrack and Benoît Masson’s split screen animations. Stylists Joanna Figueura & Melanie Brault added their fashion to it with four distinct looks showcasing a lot of colourful prints, sheers and a balletic dress.