Suicide Squad Releases Exciting New Blitz Trailer

Warner Bros has gifted us with a new trailer for upcoming superhero blockbuster Suicide Squad, ‘Blitz’!

Up until now it seems like we’ve seen a lot of Suicide Squad while finding out very little. Everything has looked good so far but we have no idea if the damn thing will be a quality film. Superhero movies can be hit-and-miss with Guardians of the Galaxy and Deadpool proving to be brilliant, while Avengers: Age of Ultron and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice have received criticism.

This new trailer for Suicide Squad has as many if not more explosions and action as the original but it also succeeds in individualising the respective leads, something the first trailer did not accomplish so well.

It is reported that Suicide Squad underwent numerous re-shoots so that they could employ lighter, more comedic themes. This course of action is very questionable so late in the piece and was said to have been inspired by the audiences reaction to Batman v Superman, a dark superhero film that served more as a political thriller than a popcorn flick.

I’m skeptical as to how anyone could make a film called Suicide Squad and at the same time avoid dark overtones. All we can do is wait and see how it plays out on screen. The film comes out early August 2016.