YSL Refashioned: House Deletes Slimane’s Online Legacy

In a bold move that has angered Hedi Slimane’s fans and provoked cries of ‘disrespect’ from fashion community and consumers, the YSL Instagram has been wiped of all evidence of the Slimane era.

Saint Laurent has been dominating the news over the last two weeks with the announcement that Hedi Slimani was leaving the house, to be replaced by Versus Versace’s creative director Anthony Vaccarello. It’s been a dramatic change over that has taken place publicly online, with Vaccarello notably celebrating his relationship with Donatella Versace on his personal Instagram.

The latest twist in the story however is reminiscent of online high-school drama, with Vaccarello’s first (very) public move being to erase any Instagram evidence that Slimane’s Saint Laurent ever existed.

The bare bones YSL account, stark in its emptiness, now only features a portrait of the new chief designer himself.

Image via Instagram, @ysl
Image via Instagram, @ysl

The move is bold and speaks volumes about Saint Laurent’s new direction. It is evident that the house will very much become focused on creating a new legacy with a broad disregard for the changes to the house that mark Slimane’s era. Significantly, the ‘Yves’ has been returned to the title of the now almost empty profile, its removal being one of the most widely known changes Slimane enacted whilst at the house.

We have so many questions about these questions: why, how and who? Is this a statement from Vaccarello about the new direction he wishes to take? Or was it Slimane’s will? Is there a conflict going on between the two directors? On the surface, the move has been received as somewhat egomaniacal, regardless of claims that this is against Vaccarello’s character.

As for Slimane himself, he has been notably silent on where he is moving next. His 66k instagram account also sits empty, featuring only a link to Slimane’s website. It has been speculated that the now free creative director may take up the empty position at Dior, or that he will take over from Largerfeld at Channel, however no sure direction has yet been announced.

You can be sure, however, that we will keep you updated as the “YSL Refashioned” story unfolds…