Spotted: Rising Alt-Rock Stars ‘Top Lip’

Fashion Industry Broadcast is always on the hunt for cool gigs and promising artists. So let us introduce you to our latest musical discovery: dreamy, psychedelic rock band Top Lip.

New up-and-comers Top Lip have been steadily concocting a fresh array of sounds for your eardrums, earning air time on the ever-popular Triple J radio station and playing a number of gigs around Sydney since forming.

 The trio even supported Moses Gunn Collective for their “Tour Sydney Show” in February, 2016, proving that their dreamy, psychedelic, alt-rock style should be on your radar as the next big thing.

FIB showed up at their latest gig in Sydney and caught up with lead singer and guitarist Eddie, base guitarist Jay and drummer Brenny to find out a bit more about the band and what musical gems they have in store for us for 2016…

Eddie, Jay and Brenny

When did you first get together as a band?
We started writing and demoing new songs a few months back, but have all known each other for a while now.

How did you develop your sound, which has been described as dreamy, alt-rock or psych-rock?
We had all been writing separately, but the dreamy psych sound on our song “Strepsils” just happened when we all got together for the first time and jammed it out. When we demo our songs, the sound evolves from there and we can experiment with different effects and vibes, but it really is all our styles just meshed into one.

How would you describe your sound yourselves? Were you aiming for a particular style or did it evolve naturally?
We just say rock n’ roll but it’s something along the lines of alternative/psych rock.

Who are your biggest inspirations musically?
We really love old rock from the 60’s and 70’s like Grateful Dead, Cream and The Beatles. And more recently bands like The Stone Roses, Brian Jones Town Massacre and The Strokes. In saying that, we are loving all the music coming out of Australia right now, Aussies are killing it at the moment.

What was it like supporting Moses Gun Collective? Is there anything that you can tell us about the band that stuck out to you the most after touring with them?
We played with them in Sydney, and it was our first gig as a band. Best first gig we’ve ever played! They are really nice guys (and girl) and are so good live. They all play in a bunch of other bands and still have time to put out killer songs.

Top Lip Performing
Top Lip Performing

How much time are you able to dedicate to your music making and what is that time being balanced with? (University, jobs etc).
We try and get together as much as possible to write and rehearse, which ends up being a couple of times a week. We all work and study, but it’s not hard to make time for drinking beers and playing tunes with your buddies!

What are your biggest challenges trying to break into such a tough industry?
We only really started this year, so time will tell… Probably just trying to get heard amongst a sea of great bands.

You have had positive responses to the song ‘Strepsils’ on the Triple J Unearthed page. How has that impacted your success?
Unearthed is awesome. We have found so many great bands on there, and it has been very cool for us. A couple of our gigs have been booked through people hearing us on Unearthed.

How did you come up with the band name, Top Lip? What does it represent?
Eddie (singer) and some friends had an art project called ‘Top Lip Blisters’, so we took that and made it a bit less contagious. The name seemed ambiguous and relatable, so it stuck.

Do any of you have any pre-show rituals?
We usually get a few beers and try our best not to knock them over on stage!

What are your ambitions beyond what you have already released? What can we be expecting from you next?
Next up, we have a new song called ‘Undone’. We’re also working on some videos, and always working on new material. Looking to get an EP out mid year!

Their sound, reminiscent of bands like The Drums, is evolving rapidly as they take inspiration from their favourite performers whilst shaping and polishing a style that is their own.
You can listen to  “Strepsils” on both Soundcloud and the Triple J Unearthed website, and be sure to check out their latest song “Undone” while you’re there. The guys are also performing at The Record Crate on Saturday 16 April and again at The Captain Cook Hotel on Sunday 17 April in Sydney. Come along and soak up some sweet sounds!