Tame Impala Using Stock Images?!

Director and filmmaker Ben Aston creates Tame Impala video clip out of license-free stock images.

How can anyone forget the high-school love drama of the ‘Less I Know the Better’, or its gorilla and bananas theme?

Ben Aston, director and mastermind behind boundary-pushing indie films, has created a video clip for “Nangs,” the second song from Tame Impala’s pop-tastic Currents album.

For a song that is about the high from inhaling nitrous oxide, Aston does an about-face and creates a cringe-worthy depiction of corporate life. Watermarks abound, including the classic GettyImages, as you take part in the frustrations, elations and occasional orgiastic parties of the corporate world.

All joking aside, however, there are moments where the visuals blend with the lyrics to question the meaning and validity of writing another stock report or downing a bottle of red after a major company success. Although consisting merely of the repetition of “is there something more than that?” the words are contrasted with a shot of a female worker behind a photocopier. Or, similarly, of a newly-successful suited male being showered in money. It begs the question of whether all that success is really worth the hours behind a machine, or even within the corporate world itself.

Alas, the focus returns to to awkward acting in slow motion. How fitting to be waved goodbye from these lovely individuals and receive a nod of approval from their boss?

tame-impala-11As for what the band are currently up to (no pun intended), frontman Kevin Parker is already working on new material. In an interview with Yahoo! Music, Parker stated,

“I’m trying not to work on stuff but there are always things to do. I always manage to keep myself busy.”

Although the musical direction of the new album is not yet clear, you can be sure that the newest album will be better than their last.


“Every album I do I think is my best and it is because I get better at song writing, I get better at producing.”


Gorge on the masterpiece below.