Kendrick Lamar Speaks In A Video For The Reebok Classic.

Rapper, Kendrick Lamar, speaks from his heart promoting Reebok’s ‘Classic’ leather shoe. The rapper’s ongoing collaboration with the brand has resulted in some amazing special edition sneakers.

Lamar speaks of determination, and his goals of greatness, filmed wearing a pair of the white leather Reebok’s. The commercial was produced to support the release of the ‘Kendrick Lamar Classic Leather’ shoes, earlier this year. “From the very heart of me, belief becomes action and no distractions will take my eyes off the prize. Greatness is my goal, but there is failure on the way,” the rapper explains. “Full of insecurity, self-hate, and doubt. But what I can’t control can’t confine me. And what I can’t do can’t stop me. This is how I express myself, not how I follow others expectations but how I stay true.”

The advertisement was directed by Colin Tilley, who also helmed the Lamar’s music video ‘Alright’. As Lamar’s voice over plays, he is filmed exploring in what looks to be a dark and empty mansion. Looking up at the expressions of art on the walls, he is expressing himself, as this is what his collaborations with Reebok are all about.

Often the authenticity of collaborations is very questionable, and there are often questions about whether the artist or celebrity promoting campaigns have a strong association with the brand, or not. Damion Presson, the Entertainment Manager for Reebok stated in an interview with complex magazine:

“….Kendrick is such an authentic artist. Everything he does is real and from the heart, so we weren’t worried or concerned about how it would look to the kids and the public. Reebok is something Kendrick has worn since his early childhood, so I think the partnership was organic and natural.”

The rapper has been a fan of Reebok since his teenage years. His connection with the brand began after seeing his favourite group the ‘Hot Boys’ from Cash Money Records representing their own classic leather fit. For a long time hip hop culture has been associated with street wear, especially sneakers. This collaboration makes sense as Kendrick is a major icon in the hip hop industry.

Kendrick Lamar x Reebok- Ventilator Sneaker
Kendrick Lamar x Reebok- Ventilator Sneaker

The Compton-born rapper had collaborated with Reebok earlier this year on the ‘Ventilator’ sneaker inline with the Spring 2016collection. The collaboration was carefully designed with intentions to promote peace between two of Americas biggest gangs, the bloods and the crips. The heel of the classic was embossed with the words “RED” and “BLUE”. It has been stated that this collaboration was a plea to end gang violence.

The words spoken by have great depth, just as his loyal association with the brand.