Zoe Kravitz: The Fresh Face Of YSL Beauty

In a lead up to her fresh and exciting gig, the singer, model and actress, Zoe Kravitz decided to use Instagram as a tease, uploading images which left her followers wondering. Fans later learning that the american singer is now the new face of Yves Saint Laurent Beauty.

Those who were paying attention to the multitalented daughter of successful rocker, Lenny Kravits, would have noticed that while prepping for the Met Gala, she was uploading images to her following of 1.6 million on Instagram.

Many were unsure as to why the official Instagram page of YSL Beauty was being tagged in the uploads. A day after the Met Gala Ball (May 3) the artist was officially announced as the face of YSL Beauty. The brand later uploaded raw and edgy black and white portrait images of Kravitz, introducing her to their followers.

Source: YSL Beauty Official
Source: YSL Beauty Official

Loyal advocates of the brand may have questioned the introduction of Kravitz to the line, as her individuality as well as her choice in style and tattoos are a completely different look to Cara Delevingne and Edie Campbell, the current ‘muses’ of YSL.

A statement from L’Oreal International’s president, Alexandre Choueiri was released:

“Zoë is not afraid to stand up for what she believes — we love her confidence and authenticity as much as we admire her kindness, humility and deep respect for individuality.”

Even though the 27-year-old has revealed in interviews that her friends have to encourage her to brush her hair and put on heels, she still manages to pick up high-end endorsements with some of the biggest brands in fashion, such as Calvin Klein and Balenciaga.

Source: YSL Beauty Official
Source: YSL Beauty Official

YSL’s marketing team will be working with Kravits on social media campaigns, these visuals will be seen through her own social media, as well as the brands official accounts. A video called “Before The Light” is soon to be released, exposing Kravitz’s backstage lead up before taking the stage with her band ‘Lolawolf’.

International beauty brands share a mutual passion, and this is the ability to provide their consumers with products that influence the expression of empowerment though style and beauty. According to Zoe, at Yves Saint Laurent “everything is bold, strong, and unafraid”, these are all values that she embodies. As far as we are concerned at FIB, we believe Kravitz is a perfect representative for the line, appealing to women of all ethnicities.