Linkin Park to Release New Album

The nu-metal-turned-pop rock band, Linkin Park, are set to release a new album this year.


You may remember the band from the early songs that brought them mainstream success. This includes hits like “One Step Closer,” “Crawling,” and “Papercut,” just to name a few.

Originally favouring heavy guitars and screaming vocals, the band have developed to embrace other styles of music. Their third album, Minutes to Midnight,  retained some heavy elements of their early days, but moved towards songs that were quieter and less dark, lyrically. A Thousand Suns focused on electronic music, and is also more conceptual in its nature. Songs deal with matters like nuclear warfare and the state of humanity in a time of technological anxiety.

The second track, “The Radiance,” even contains an excerpt of Robert Oppenheimer (one of the creators of the atomic bomb) talking about the bomb and its impact on his colleagues.

As yet, it is difficult to say which direction the band has been pursuing as they like to make each album different and a surprise for listeners.

Of the new material vocalist and rapper, Mike Shinoda, stated; “As I listen through them, I feel like these songs are really personal and revealing.”

Mike Shinoda
Mike Shinoda

The band also state that they have a collection of songs on which they will record the official vocals. Then, all six members are to vote which songs make it onto the album. This quite a diplomatic approach that isn’t always the case in many bands with dominant frontmen, but Linkin Park have always been somewhat of a unique act.

“We have really poured our hearts into the words and melodies, and it’s starting to show as we approach recording the ‘keeper’ vocals.”


While no single or offical song has been released to the public just yet, feast your ears on dogs and other animals singing Linkin Park’s “Numb.” The video is another in an internet craze where dogs’ barks are recorded and follow the melody of popular songs.