HAN Unveils An Ethical Fashion Collection

There is more to Khim Hang’s label than just well-tailored shirts, a relaxed aesthetic and fashion fame. Han is an ethical and sustainable luxury fashion label. For Hang, owning an ethical business is a nod to his heritage.

Stand Out Pieces from HAN Fashion Show, Photo Credit: Christopher Stenta
Stand Out Pieces from HAN Fashion Show, Photo Credit: Christopher Stenta

Han Studios showcased its Season 1 collection at MBFWA with an emphasis on oversized outerwear and modern streetwear. Cleverly combined with REDKEN’s slicked back hair ‘dos, puffing smoke machines and Kanye West, the runway show complimented the underground rebellion of Han’s urban wear. Hang explains:

“The collection is about taking core pieces that people wear every day like track pants or a sweatshirt, and those key pieces have been textualised so they now have different uses. It’s about taking these ‘casual’ items and making it okay to wear, I don’t know, formally or to have other style purposes.”

The collection featured a range of streetwear and denim, placing significance on the importance of buying better. Functional hoodies and bombers, as well as coats and the stand-out deep red coat, shorts and shirt. Practical streetwear made for an inspiring collection of casual items, designed for other style purposes.

Stemming from Hang’s heritage, the designer instils a strong ethical and sustainable message throughout his label. Han’s studios, based in Cambodia, provides its workers with nearly three times the country’s minimum wage, and reasonable work hours and access to onsite childcare facilities and quality food vendors, unlike neighbouring brands, known for exploiting Cambodian workers. Hang actively promotes against consumption, in which consumers should ‘buy less, buy better’. Hang envisions the average customer who buys something they really love, and not needing to buy something new the next season.

Han is a lifestyle brand for the discerning consumer, promoting ethical and sustainable fashion. A design brand focused on producing high quality products with fine attention to detail, and creating with an ethos that promotes performance and longevity.

‘Buy less, buy better’

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