Upcoming NBC Trailer ‘This Is Us’ Is Causing Ripples

With over 5.9 million views on YouTube, the trailer for upcoming NBC drama series This Is Us has audiences stirring. Dare I even say crying?
The series follows the lives of several characters. Whether they all live separate lives or are connected in some way remains to be seen. Still the main thrust of the trailer implies that all these individuals suffer a tragedy or grievous challenge that impedes them in moving forward.


Starring Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore and Justin Hartley, This Is Us has a promising leading cast. The project was created by Dan Fogelman, the writer behind Crazy Stupid Love and Tangled so potential is to be expected.
The trailer is quite confronting, themes of loss and body image are stark. It is quite plain that this is a drama that does not intend to hold anything back. Also there are quite a few naked men, if you’re into that.
This is Us will be coming sometime during the 2016 Autumn season in the US.