The Fashion x Wearable Technology Collaboration

The newest innovation in mainstream fashion, wearable technology, has allowed for the most exciting fashion-gadget collaboration. While most are wrist worn, these wearable technologies are quickly becoming recognised as the next step towards the future of the fashion industry.

These wearable technologies have the ability to sync with mobile devices, providing real-time data on health and fitness activity, and are incorporated into items of clothing and accessories. Through exciting collaboration, fashion labels are given the opportunity to explore the concept of wearable technology, through its practicality, functionality and fashionable design.

Ten Pieces x Fitbit Film Still, Photo Credit:
Ten Pieces x Fitbit Film Still, Photo Credit:

Ten Pieces x Fit Bit Collaboration

“The inspiration for Ten Pieces is to create a unisex uniform for people who are always on the move and need clothes that are versatile, functional and modern,” says Ten Pieces co-founders Hinkfuss and Terzini. “The collaboration with Fitbit is a natural fit with a shared vision to help people move effortlessly from day to night with a look that reflects their personal style and motivates them to stay fit and healthy”.

Fitbit, the leader in wearable technology, connected health and fitness market, joined forces with renowned design house Ten Pieces at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. The label focused on simplicity, sophistication and movement, unveiling its contemporary fashion film “10,000 Steps x Ten Pieces,” featuring the newly released Fitbit Alta and Fitbit Blaze. Directed by Paola Morabito, the film reflects Ten Pieces’ approach to unisex, street-ready clothing, through activities including running, walking and dance moves. The five models and dancers move freely in TEN PIECES clothing while they track their activity on Fitbit® devices and strive to achieve 10,000 steps.

Ten Pieces x Fitbit Film Still, Photo Credit:
Ten Pieces x Fitbit Behind the Scenes, Photo Credit:

The movement towards this fluid fashion-technology development, encourages a healthy and active lifestyle. Ten Pieces use this collaboration in order to further develop their mission statement within the industry.

The Ten Pieces x Fitbit collaboration comes after the wearable tech company collaborated with Public School back in February for New York Fashion Week AW 2016, where the New York label showed a capsule collection of premium Alta bands with custom details like braiding and chunky metal link bands.

Check out the Resort Film below:

As we start to recognise the potential uses of wearable technology throughout various fields within the fashion industry, the sociological and cultural impact of this innovation will continue to grow. Already, the current hand-held devices available to consumers, such as Smart Phones, iPods and tablets, have changed the technological and social landscapes on a global scale. Wearable technology, such as Fitbits and Apple Watches, have allowed a sense of fashionable expression through technical innovation. With that in mind, developers and analysts predict that wearable technology will very quickly change the technological and cultural landscapes once again, and may even change the nature of mobile phones and other hand-held devices entirely. Technologies are becoming a fashion statement, to accentuate an individual’s sense of style, and we could not be happier.