Flume’s “Skin” Deserves Place At Top Of The ARIA Charts

It’s been just over a week since the release of Flumes second, highly anticipated album, Skin. Despite some criticism following the release, the album has successfully claimed the top spot, placing in at number #1 on the ARIA Albums Chart this week and giving Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ a run for its money.


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Image Credit: Music.com.au


After releasing his self-titled debut album in 2012, Flume’s back with the release of his second album, Skin. Four years on, the still relevant and cool-as-hell 24-year old Aussie lad, Harley Streten, has reignited the flames and reminded us once again why we love him.

Considering it’s been a long time coming, the new Flume album had been highly anticipated and discussed amongst many in the music industry. The album (which was officially released on May 27th) features some big collaborations with fellow artists including the likes of Vic Mensa, Tove Lo, Beck and Little Dragon. The album features 16 tracks of sheer, Flume-y goodness! However not all die-hard Fume lover’s have embraced the new sound with open ears, some saying it strays from his original sound.

While it’s hard to draw comparisons between the two albums, there is definitely a different sound being produced throughout his new work. The album Skin is a fresh, modern approach to that of his self-titled debut. But, one could argue, isn’t that what Flume’s all about? What some have failed to remember is that Flume is an artist of innovation that is constantly looking for a cutting-edge sound which separates him from the rest – that’s what we originally loved. His been inundated with copy-cat, wannabes since the get-go, so his constant search for a unique sound is honestly admirable.

Regardless of this criticism (haters gonna hate) his single ‘Say It’ ft Tove Lo, which is featured on Skin (you can listen below), also gets a mention – currently sitting pretty, placed 2nd on the ARIA streaming charts! The track has been smashed across radio stations and evidently enjoyed by many, bringing back that slick Flume sound we’ve all been craving.

In a recent interview with Triple J’s Richard Kingsmill, Flume spoke about the struggles and second-album-blues he faced following the success of his debut. He explained the pressure he felt overcoming the feeling of the second album not living up to that of the first. He spoke on the subject and about naming the album saying:

“Well, I haven’t exactly felt like I was in my own skin for the whole writing process. It was a difficult second record. I had moments where I couldn’t write, I had moments where I was writing a lot and it was just a massive learning process for me.”

“On top of that I also liked the idea of calling the record ‘Skin’ because skin is super intimate. It’s so close to you, but it’s also kind of alien and weird. And that’s how I hope the music comes across: it’s got a soul, it’s got a heart and it’s living yet I want it to feel strange and a little alien.”

The intimacy is definitely real and felt throughout the album, and well, you can’t argue with the charts. If anything, one thing goes without saying – once you’ve conquered Queen B, you’re pretty much unstoppable. If you’ve listened to the new album, tell us what you think? Or give it a listen!