The Strokes Release New EP “Future Present Past”

While we’re not sure if this is the beginning of a comeback for The Strokes or just a relentless stir, our ears were ringing with excitement at the news that the lads had produced a new EP. For those who have missed Julian Casablancas fresh-out-of bed look – he’s back, though we’re not sure how you’ll feel about the new material.

the strokes epThe Strokes are no stranger to the music scene although they did drop off the radar for a few significantly noted years. Being one of the main attractions at this years sold out Splendour in the Grass, The Strokes are back at it with the release of their Future Present Past EP. Grungy and golden? Enjoyable but slightly irritating? The EP has definitely created a mixed bag of emotions which raises questions about the bands future (if there is one). The on-again-off-again nature of the band has seen them break off and comeback together numerous times.

The Future Past Present EP kind of appears to be a thrown together mess released just in time for Splendour. A lapse in pressure to stay relevant or maybe to add to the continual Splendour hype we seem to be hearing? Either way, the EP’s inexcusable. Even the EP’s visual screams “we really couldn’t be bothered”.


Releasing an EP kind of seems like a backwards move for an already established band? Which is why it kind of feels like it was just tossed together to appease their relentless cult fan-base. A band that has over 4 million likes on Facebook can afford to do that. But then again I guess three new tracks doesn’t really count as an album (4 tracks if you include the remix).

Your initial introduction to the EP is a little rough around the edges with ‘Drag Queen’ boldly placed as track 1. Invasive and loud , it’s probably not one to listen to first thing in the morning. Track 2 titled ‘Oblivious’ has more of a flow about it. Taking on a more pop- rock sound, it proves pleasant with a full-force chorus.

The track ‘Threat of Joy’  is placed 3rd on the EP and is the most identifiable, if you’re looking for that original Strokes sound.  Producing that candid drone, alternative-rock sound that is the Strokes ‘Threat of Joy’ brings life back to the band after what was a quiet three years.

If your after classic, maybe listen to the EP backwards and start bottom to top (It’s more enjoyable that way). It takes a few listens, so you’ll have to be patient. Possibly the only way to decide is to hear it for yourself. Needless to say, it’s worth a listen and it’s one you’ll need to listen to LOUD.

The Strokes ‘Future Present Past’: