Music Done Right: The Best Emerging Aussie Talent

When you think about it, most of our favourite artists started from humble beginnings in garages and were often dubbed the support act. Australia has bred and housed some of the most remarkable talents within the big wide world of music and is continuing to produce a vast buffet of dreamy musical goodness. While it’s a long way to the top, we think these artists have a pretty special sound that begs to be heard and embraced. If you liked ukulele’s before Vance Joy’s ‘Riptide’ was cool, you’ll dig these emerging Aussie talents, providing you with new Australian music at it’s finest.


Vera Blue

Angelic, but fierce. Vera Blue is a singer/songwriter from the small town of Forbes (Sydney). For Celia Pavey (as she was formally known) it was a journey that started on popular TV show The Voice which has now led the young artist to pursue her passion and unleash her roaring talent. Vera Blue is a mix of divine folk meets electronica. Her voice is both unique and beautiful with a tendency to linger in the minds of those who have encountered her, a voice that would surely make angels cry.  She has recently released her debut EP Fingertips which is available now. However, we will warn you, listening to Vera Blue may cause goose bumps.


Fitting exclusively into the genre of ‘alternative-pop’, four piece Tigertown have an upbeat presence that begs to be heard. If they don’t make you want to dance around your room in your underwear, we guarantee your money back. Their sound is down-right infectious, upbeat and groovy. With the release of their debut EP Lonely Cities, Tigertown are sure to have you bopping along to their fun sound.

Polish Club:

Indie-rock done right, Polish Club are a must hear for every music lover. We couldn’t sum up their sound any more perfectly than this little summary derived from the bands own bio –Sydney’s Polish Club writes pop songs fifty years late and twice the speed”. Fun, loud and explosive, one things for certain this Sydney duo are not short of energy. Their self-titled debut EP definitely caught the eye of many and we’re expecting big things to come.

The Creases:

With a sound that makes you just want to let go and lose all sensibilities, The Creases will capture your heart with their gawky style and garage pop tunes. Producing a sound you’d expect your dad to own on vinyl, they’re both candid and lovable nonetheless. Their debut EP Gradient was embraced with open ears and their new single ‘Impact’ will hopefully be taken to in much the same way.

Alex Lahey:

Melbourne based Indie pop-rock artist, Alex Lahey is both an emerging talent and the kind of gal you’d like to have a beer with. She produces the kind of music that will no-doubt get stuck in your head and have you humming along relentlessly.  If your still not sold,  maybe mentoring artist Josh Pyke will sell you, as he invested a solid $7500 into her career awarding her the Josh Pyke partnership grant for 2016. Although she really doesn’t need selling, just a pair of eager ears to be heard and adored.

Tiny Little Houses:

It doesn’t get more Aussie than referencing Milo and Vegemite in your song, perhaps that’s what makes Melbourne band Tiny Little Houses so great. Their sound is morbidly infectious, offering all-the-feels that resonate with heartbreak and longing. An EP of unrequited love, You Tore Out my Heart  will have you sipping a Merlot and reminiscing of your first love/ heartbreak in an emotive mix of melancholy-bliss.