Draco Malfoy To Appear In Next Season Of The Flash

Tom Felton is making a change to a new world of fantasy, though he may not have a wand in hand he is sure to wow audiences with a new form of magic when he appears in The Flash.

Felton will appear in Season 3 of The Flash

The Harry Potter alumni will be appearing in the third season of The Flash as a series regular. Felton will be playing the role of Julian Dorn, a CSI at the Central City police department who has strong suspicions toward Barry Allen played by Grant Gustin.

The Flash

Season 2 ended with the Flash going back in time and saving his mother from death at the hands of his nemesis the Reverse-Flash, effectively re-writing his history by erasing a huge event from his life. How this will pan out in the next season still remains to be seen but according to tweets by Gustin, season 3’s premiere episode is titled ‘Flashpoint’. For those who have read the comics, in ‘Flashpoint’ Barry Allen awakens in an altered universe without his powers where his mother is still alive. Thus given the circumstances of the season 2 finale, due to Allen’s time meddling, everything will no doubt be different. Likely meaning that the first episode and perhaps some subsequent instalments will likely follow his exploits in trying to set things right.

Still, if Barry ends up losing his powers AGAIN then the ‘Flash’ part of the title may need to be removed. Especially considering he only just managed to recover his powers after Zoom succeeded in stealing his speed.

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Given all the time travel, it’s not impossibly difficult to imagine how Felton might slip into the series. Science-fiction offers many convenient avenues for character development. The earth 1 and 2 concept from season 2 was an effective means of ‘reviving’ Dr Wells without having to bring him back to life and reprising actor Tom Cavanagh’s role. Due to Barry’s time meddling, there will be no doubt plenty of room for Julian Dorn to slip through the gaps. Yet like I said, I hope Barry doesn’t lose his powers again right off the bat. One of the problems with empowered heroes is that they usually lose their gifts at some point or another.
The next season of The Flash is not due to premiere until later this year.