Ear Makeup Is The Crazy Trend Of 2016

Is this the outrageous new trend of 2016? Historically, the fashion industry has been renowned for presenting consumers with the trends that you never knew you needed. Ear makeup is the latest craze to feature on Instagram, with statement ear ‘accessorising’ having its moment in the spotlight. Forget contouring and signature brows, this season is all about your ears.

Since Anthony Vaccarello introduced ear makeup to Paris Fashion Week in 2014, it has laid dormant with all the other untried fashion trends, until Pat McGrath created a silver statement ear for Louis Vuitton Spring 2016 runway.

Ear Make Up
Ear Makup Is The Newest Crazy Art Trend, Image Designed by Dana Tepper, featured on Marie Claire


French makeup artist, Violette, became well-known for her ‘gold dipped’ ear art, posted on social media, which seemed to spark the trend for the fashion industry. The shiny gold lobe became the perfect complement to a small gold hoop, giving your outfit that intergalactic flare.

This year has been the benchmark in presenting groundbreakingly whacky trends to the fashion world. A few that spring to mind were the ‘Snow Globe Nails’, where women were wearing tiny, see-through spheres on their nails, filled with glitter and water. Also, the crystalised lips trend, where lipstick is replaced by strategically placed gemstones, in an attempt to capture a good Instagram selfie.


Fashion trends almost get watered down whenever they are mass-produced, but the beauty trends are different. They get translated almost exactly and become parts of photo shoots for major magazines, how-to’s for the best beauty blogs, and part of our daily lives. Ear makeup falls under this category. It’s not so crazy that you’ll be terrified to try it, but would definitely set you apart from the rest of the crowd.

Like Vegemite, you’ll either love or hate this crazy new trend. Only time will tell are jumping on the ear-art train. Crazier things have happened…