Faircloth Supply: Empowering Females Through Fashion.

Upcoming designers and fashion companies are taking part in ethical business practices, promoting the ‘fashion with a purpose’ movement. The only concern is that many labels are merely participating for trend value, rather than possessing a strong passion to make genuine change.

Young entreprenuer, Phoebe Dahl, is an American designer who studied fashion design in San Fransico and London. With a burning passion to make a genuine change, she founded ‘Faircloth Supply’ in 2013. If you haven’t heard of Dahl, we feel like we have an obligation to fill you in.

Phoebe Dahl Image Cred: fairclothsupply.com

Dahl is the creative mind behind the stylish clothing line with an inspiring cause. As this project pushes the boundaries of a typical brand, Faircloth Supply creates timeless and fashionable collections in an effort to guide woman’s empowerment worldwide. Dahl envisioned a line of effortless linen casual wear, which is sustainable and classic, inspired by heritage textiles and utilitarian work wear.

We are your everyday dreamers, working hard towards a mutual success: to create clothes that want to be worn, in a world we want to live in.

Dahl… the surname sounds familiar right? Probably because you’ve seen the name on the cover of some of the most iconic books, like Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, The BFG and Matilda. This designers grandfather was the well known author, Roald Dahl, who’s books sold over 200 million copies around the world. He was a novelist, short story writer, poet and screen writer. Yes, she may have established ties with fame, but that hasn’t been the reason for her success. We know this because we have watched her brand develop on social media from the early production days to what the brand has become now.

You are probably wondering- what is she doing to empower these woman? She has dedicated a lot of time in creating a unique one-for-one business model. In an interview with Elle, she explains that “You can actually have a profitable business while also helping others.” This line is solely based around empowering young females, more specifically the main project locations are in Nepal and India. Through purchasing clothing from Faircloth Supply it helps to provide access to education for girls in Nepal.

Image Cred: fairclothsupply.com
Image Cred: fairclothsupply.com

Not only is the one-for-one model really appealing, but so are the apparel designs. There is the perfect contrast with soft linen and structured gender neutral garments. Her recent collection features drop-crotch pants, straight legs, t-shirts, and blazers.

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Many individuals are associating themselves with fashion for a cause, but they are only touching on the surface. Dahl has flipped this perception and is immersing her self completely with her vision, and creating change and awareness in a society that needs it.

Take a look at the Summer 2016 collection:

Cutler Blazer-WhiteBoyfriend Button Down-BlackVanilla Boyfriend TeeCutler BlazerCooper Plaid- GridEarthquake Relief TeeSuits

Check out more on the brand and the collection at fairclothsupply.com