UNIQLO Have Solved The Problem Of Tangled Headphone Cords!

Japanese fashion brand, UNIQLO, have solved the problem we all have; tangled headphone cords! The designers have incorporated in-built cords into the pockets of their latest “smart tech” jacket, which makes our lives so much easier.


We all know how hard it is, attempting to hop on a train on a rainy day. Juggling all our essentials, while focusing on not looking like a fool. UNIQLO has heard our cry and not only delivered a solution to the tangled earphone problem, but the stylish jacket also doubles as a raincoat. This definitely minimises the discomfort of frizzy hair and damp clothes.

The jacket… or should we say, raincoat, is completely durable. Equipped with “BlockTech” waterproof, windproof, durability, water repellent and stretch qualities. It is priced reasonably at $130US, the popular basics brand has no doubt taken this coat next level.

UNIQLOThis utility style coat is flattering to the wearer because of it’s A-line cut. Not only is it completely functional with its various pockets, but it also looks good; available in a range of colours such as black, light grey, red and blue.

The release of this ‘Blocktech Parka’ jacket is part of a wide range of “smart” clothing, or more commonly referred to as Wearable Technology, an innovation that has only recently been introduced into fashion.We can’t wait to see what other approaches UNIQLO will take with smart clothing.