How to Cure the Post Splendour Blues

Another year, another Splendour (as they say). Another year brings another weekend full of shenanigans, glitter and occasional nudity – but also (most importantly) MUSIC. This year the festival delighted punters with the news of the return of The Avalanches, The Cure, The Strokes and a bunch of other big names.

After attracting a crowd of rowdy punters well into the tens of thousands (that’s a lot of sore heads), it seemed not even a three hour wait for shitty festival shuttle transport could dim the spirits of those lapping up the blissful sunshine of the North Byron Parklands. With the beloved Dr Karl on the prowl (overseeing the festivities and mishaps), the Mayor of Splendour in full rein and a crap load of good vibes – the festival lived up to its name, claiming another successful year of Splendid Splendour-ness.

Even those who weren’t lucky enough to attend proved to be there in spirit – making  friends with their radios and getting amongst the live broadcast of the festival being played through Triple J. But the party couldn’t last forever, and come the end of the festival punters are now suffering heavily with what can only be deemed the “Post Splendour Blues”. While there is no current cure at this point in time, we’ve suggested a few solid remedies:

Smearing yourself (or your mate) in glitter: For old times sake.

Make yourself a Post Splendour playlist for the week: To help you reminisce on all the good times.

Rave to all your friends about “what a wild time” you had at Splendour even though they missed out on tickets: They probably don’t want to hear it, but it helps to talk things out.

Image source: Triple J
Punters loving on the Splendour festivities, Image source: Triple J

Buy yourself tickets to some gigs: You may have to wait a WHOLE year for Splendour to rock back around, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some live music.  Even if it’s not at Splendour.

Reflect on the beautiful words of Dave from Gang of Youth’s to get you through, because it’s all going to be “OK”:

I had no f–king purpose. I had nothing. I had no clue. And then one night when I was walking home I had the realisation that this doesn’t have to mean anything. Life can be awful. This can be awful. I’m afraid. I’m afraid, but that’s f–king OK. And if we’re going to be afraid, and it’s going to be OK, then we can still get drunk and party and make out and make music because it’s all going to be OK

Hang out for some new Montaigne and Alex Lahey: If you were all over Splendour for the ripe new vibes and to catch the best upcoming talent, super songstress Montaigne and cool cat Alex Lahey are both  set to release new music in the next coming weeks. Montaigne will be delivering her debut album in a few weeks and Alex is also set to drop her EP, to help soothe those post Splendour blues.

Montaigne performing at SITG, image sourced from Triple J

Rock your flap hat and other Splendour merch for the next coming weeks: This works best for those in denial over Splendour 2016 ending.

Replay the Avalanches  on Repeat: We’ve waited over 15 years for this.

As one punter so eloquently put it, “a spoonful of The Cure on the drive home makes the sads go down”. But most, sadly, are simply “not dealing”.